Friday, August 24, 2007

camino del alma

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Tough week with camp ending and all. (Excuses for not getting with this online schtick.) I'm trying to maybe punctuate capitalize more, but I can't promise it'll stick.

Started talking about Chiron yesterday on twitter. But didn't have time to finish out the writing on this here blog. That half-man, half-centaur up there is a pictorialization of Chiron.

Two things I twittered bout Chiron that amount to anything (and believe it or not, found on a new-agey site):
He taught his students how to access multidimensionality and balance polarization and duality.
The wound will be opened in order to gain the wisdom necessary to help heal self and others of physical or psychic pain.
Wounded healers make good shamans, if nothing else. Chiron's mom abandoned him when she saw he wasn't up to the snuff of gods like old pop Saturn. He grew up an orphan.

Anyhow, yesterday was one of those days where I rubbed at the scar. Accidentally. Now can't even remember why I thought of Ava. Probably the way one of the girls handed me a clump of clay and scurried off to her next adventure. Yeah, there's an Ava in the camp even. But she doesn't look a smidge like Ava. Now Grace is the spitting image of her. Gypsy coin bounce to her gait, raven feathered tresses, enigmatic depths when you fall into the pools of her eyes.

She was nineteen years old when we lost her to the sea. Funny, just struck me Chiron's mom was a sea nymph too.

Thus began the one hundred frosty years of the White Witch's reign in Narnia. I'm a fire sign so you think bitter rage against that numb god would bring it on. Nope. It's like that other bardic dude Frost said (Frost, frost: can you believe all the word puns), "
Some say the world will end in fire; Some say in ice."
I think I know enough of hate
To know that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.
After the thaw though I gradually became like a hearth. (I learned my Mayan sign from Fernando when I lived in the Mission. He hangs out with Clemento who raves about my ankh tattoo as if he's never seen it a million times before. So yeah Fernando gave me those cheesy glittery purple mardi gras beads two weeks ago that I laced over the real mardi gras beads I got in Nola. Hanging on the mirror now. Purple. Emerald. Gold.)

After the thaw it's when I started messaging with whales and dolphins, and started synthesizing their songs into mine. It keeps me keeping on, and playing with sis.

Full name, by the way, is Avalon. And of course, if you've figured out mom and dad's codex by now, you'd know her middle name'
s Étaín.

where credits due.... Camino Del Alma (in English roughly, The Soul's Walkway) by Ikun and

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