Sunday, August 26, 2007

milky way white crystal city anyone? this profound sadness that washes over me like tide cresting, ebbing the last few days, uh weeks, probably has something to do with lack of motivation. naw, it's not that i watched J pack for black rock city yesterday - and I'm not going (again). never been a burner, though reckon it's really a modus operandi not a ten-day vacation where you go back to your tidy 'real life' after the Man flames out. so in that regard i'm a burner.

not sure if it's about the 14th, or it's a sign it's time to pack up again (seeing as i'm not exactly walking distance to the ocean)

p.s. My very first twitter linked to that photo above, though beats me why this blog shite is cropping it - that's a whole whale structure there.

Thar she blows light!
Light spheres. i hear their frequencies their wailing porous hum penetrating my cells their sonic hymns, though others may see them. And if all that fails, the camera, like kids, still sees what it sees. (love to see your photos from this year's gypsum gypsy oasis city in the desert, or anything with whales, and light dancing to tunes...)

While looking for some cover art, Googled "whale art." Cool photo from Burning Man. Whale sculpture. Nice orbs.

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